Many people associate self-storage facilities as places to temporarily store their non-essential household belongings. People often use them when moving from one home to another to store furniture, clothing, and collectibles among other items to help reduce the burden of moving everything at once. Eliminating some of the “clutter” also helps real estate agents to stage the home for showing to potential buyers.

Facilities like Dollar Storage in Edmond also benefit business owners as well. The use of a self-storage facility to store excess inventory or supplies is a boon for commercial and independent business owners. Practically anything a business uses can be securely and safely stored. In the event of a business expansion, it is economical to temporarily rent storage space on a month-by-month basis, even if long term, rather than getting locked into a lease through a commercial rental property.

When renting at a self-storage facility, businesses may remove their belongings at any time without incurring a penalty. Many self-storage facilities offer business services such as Wi-Fi, and delivery and package receipt. For temperature sensitive items like computers and electronics, businesses have the option of indoor, climate-controlled units.

When comparing self-storage facilities for your business consider the following:

Security – Is there an on-site manager? If not, do they have video surveillance or a monitoring service? Is there a security guard on the grounds? Is the storage facility fenced in and what is required for entry onto the site?

Storage Options – Self-storage facilities typically provide both indoor and outdoor storage options. Indoor storage will be climate-controlled maintaining a consistent temperature year-round. Although the outdoor units are not exposed to the elements, they can nonetheless get very warm, or cold, depending on the temperature. Larger storage facilities may offer accommodations for RV’s, boats, and trailers.

Businesses that may benefit from Dollar Storage in Edmond OK facilities include:

Independent or Private Sales – Self-storage is a great choice for sales people. Whether they sell dried goods, jewelry, cosmetics, or home decor, individuals or businesses can securely store their excess inventory in a suitably-sized unit.

Restaurants/Clubs/Caterers – These facilities are good for keeping non-perishable food stuff, appliances, bakeware and cookware, tables and chairs, linens, decorations and more.

Professionals – All businesses have some record-keeping requirements whether it is for inventory, receipts, taxes or invoices. Professionals such as attorneys, dental, medical and veterinary professionals, contractors and accountants are just a few that benefit from utilizing self-storage facilities.

Whether for business or personal storage, the main advantage of using a self-storage facility is the cost savings. The cost of renting space at a self-storage facility is on average, more than 50% less than renting commercial storage space. For business owners, the convenience of a self-storage facility cannot be underestimated, especially if the facility is located close to the business’ home base.

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